Heath Samurai provides commercial support for FHIRbase. Please contact us at

+1 (818) 731-12-79

Besides FHIRBase Heath Samurai offers Aidbox - a platform for modern web and mobile healthcare applications built on top of a centralized FHIR server. Try for free in cloud

Aidbox Features

  • Based on the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard for external & internal data information model, aidbox implements generic FHIR server specification (tested in project Argonaut and featured in one of HSPC HIMSS 2016 demonstrations)
  • Aidbox provides relational storage for FHIR resources with use of open source fhirbase project (that gives scalability and power of rich SQL language)
  • Data aggregation by widespread legacy HL7 v2 messaging, CDA/CCD documents, FHIR REST API and custom processable data channels
  • Aidbox ensures security. OAuth 2.0 provider, Policy-­based Access Control, complete audit of all events in system
  • SDK for all features, based on reference FHIR clients for popular platforms (Java, .NET, JavaScript, Objective­C, Ruby, Python and iOS)
  • Implements FHIR terminology server specification and provide LOINC, Snomed, RxNorm, ICD­10, CPT, FHIR terminologies out of the box
  • Compatible with SMART on FHIR interface and could host SPA web applications (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
  • Aidbox provides analytics tools based on PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Druid OLAP
  • Automated cloud infrastructure. It could be hosted in public and private clouds, with automatic failover, backups and update
  • Aidbox provides foundation for workflow support with use of queues, customizable providers and consumers